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Projekt30 is an artist run arts organization, dedicated to providing professional level web hosting for fine artists. In addition to providing web sites for hundreds of fine artists, since 2003 we have conducted over 200 online juried exhibitions, and have facilitated the sale of thousands of artworks. We are helping shape the art world of the twenty-first century, and endeavoring to encourage broader public interest in the fine arts.

Projekt30 Publicly Juried Exhibitions

In addition to web hosting, Projekt30 hosts an online juried exhibition of thirty artists every month. We send invitations to a huge number of galleries all over the world. How much it would cost to send slides to a hundred galleries? We send to thousands in a juried format that insures quality, so that they are inclined pay attention.

Being an artist is difficult. Many of us don't know how to market our work, or we are drowned out by the competition. We exhibit your work to a huge number of galleries, dealers, etc. so you don't have to wait and hope; not knowing what you're hoping for.

As artists, we would prefer the exhibition not be juried, but few people have the patience to sift through hundreds of artworks. The internet has historically not been very good to artists. There is no mechanism to control the quality of the work presented. Viewers have been drowning in dreck, and losing interest. A juried exhibition alleviates this problem.

Our juried exhibitions are different. Each of our shows has two rounds. In the first round all artwork submitted is displayed. Visitors to Projekt30 submit ratings to help determine which artwork graduates to round two. This competitive, interactive format draws in thousands of viewers, and all participating artists have an opportunity to acquire useful feedback or career-building connections. In the second round, the exhibition is narrowed to 30 artists. We maintain a high standard of quality, which attracts galleries looking for artwork to sell.

Projekt30 Membership & Web Hosting Service

Easy to set up. Create your personal web site using Projekt30's site building tools. We provide professionally-designed templates that you can customize. The easy-to-use interface requires no web design experience, and you can organize and display up to 255 images.

Stay unique. No ads, banners or links to any parent site will appear on your web site. Your web site is accessible through multiple personalized web domains. Visitors will see a web site unique to you, not one branded by Projekt30.

Sell your work. With a personal web site from Projekt30, you can negotiate sales with people who want to buy your work. Projekt30 takes no commission from the sale, so the profit is entirely yours.

Build on the strength of Projekt30, while remaining independent. As a member, you can submit to our exhibitions at no extra cost, and link directly from your Projekt30 entry to your personal web site. Our exhibitions regularly attract tens of thousands of unique visitors every month, and winners appear in Projekt30's permanent archive.

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