3 pieces. Diplay agaist a wall or in the corner of a room.
800x600        1024x768
Flying Butresses
painted clay and wood
11 x 6 x 3 in
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My works lay bare the inner structure of art. Since the Renaissance we automatically considered any painting, drawing, or sculpture to be art. Art, however, is not married to the medium it is executed in. It is, in its purest form, a concept. Even so, if art is only art in the form of a concept, then nothing is art. Where does that leave painting, drawing, and sculpture?

My artwork explores these questions and paradoxes in a variety of media. Many of my work analyze the human condition. Some of my most common themes reflect menstruation, weakness, and decay. At other times I focus on more subconscious characteristics. Depending on the piece, color, or the lack of it, is used to enhance a concept. My final productions result in subtle but intense content.