Printed on high quality canvas.It's not framed, what you can see is printed on the canvas as well. Shipping cost is not included.
800x600        1024x768
70 x 80 x 4 cm
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- I have often been asked what this or that composition is about. People wonder what I would like to express via my work or what I would like to convey. Initially, I tried to answer honestly, tried to explain the delightfully tortuous process. I attempted to put into words what was on my mind while I was creating the work. My attempts to explain were rarely successful because sometimes I encountered incomprehension after a long polite silence, or my words were misinterpreted. My images generate some kind of response and they challenge people. They provoke feelings which are subjective. Therefore everyone’s opinion is totally different. This is the way it should be. Nowadays I try to keep my distance and not to influence people’s ideas and feelings. When I’ve finished a picture, it’s out of my hands and it needs the viewer to find a meaning. I would like to give the viewer the possibility to form an intimate connection with the picture. As long as these impressions are harmonious and energy giving, I’ve achieved my aim with the work. The feelings and thoughts are endlessly varied for everyone. But I’m striving to make life beautiful and spread a positive ambience. Occasionally dark clouds overshadow me, but I try to keep these out of my work. On my website I would like to give everyone - be they friend or foe- a taste of my art.