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Cocktail Hour
Oil on canvas
72 x 48 in
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At its core, my work is about process; the process involved in the creation of each painting and in turn, the process of viewing the painting itself. I begin each piece much like any other painter: through direct observation of a still life, landscape, or figure, which I translate onto the canvas using bold strokes in black. I then depart from the material itself, and turn my complete attention to the organism of the developing painting--adding fields of color and additional contours as the growing structure of the piece dictates. The process is like watching clouds while gently manipulating them into the forms to which they aspire. These forms merge, drift apart, expand, or dwindle away beneath layers of paint, and it is this constant flux among objects that I strive to crystallize in a finished piece. When I feel I have reached this critical moment, the painting is complete, regardless of how literal the imagery remains or how completely abstracted it has become. In the end, my goal is to communicate to the viewer this process of openness in observation; to allow each object--whether a wine bottle, a screwdriver, a mountain, or a human form--to become a more dynamic entity that occupies a fluid space in the imagination.