Margot has exhibited her work around the world, participating in 72 International Exhibits, almost all of them Juried Competitions, in 12 different countries, including shows throughout Canada, throughout the United States, as well as shows in Greece, Germany, Bulgaria, India, Spain, Australia, Poland, England, Turkey and Mexico. Margot has won 12 awards for her artwork at international juried competitions. She has also had 28 solo exhibitions of her artwork.

During warm periods in the earth’s history, the sea level has been up to 100 meters higher, with no ice sheets at the poles. Because of the cooler climate today, there are massive ice sheets that cover the Antarctic continent and Greenland. In the Antarctic alone the ice sheet varies from 1 to 3 miles in thickness. Even a small scale melting of these polar ice caps would alter coastlines around the world.
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Pandora's Trojan Horse Visits Atlantis
Acrylic on Canvas
45 x 28 x 1.5 in
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