Narragansett, Rhode Island
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Narragansett (Grainy)
Archival Inkjet Print
20 x 16 in
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We are all constantly searching for things we might not understand or know. For things we think we lost or have yet to find. We are always searching for something that we cannot truly see.

I will walk through the quiet small-town streets of home, along the worn woodsy paths through the trees or across the smooth rocks softened by years of water. I find myself looking around these familiar places and at supposedly insignificant things and I realize I am no longer looking, but seeing. I am seeing with a newly found focus. My images depict the things that are most familiar or the seemingly mundane. I don't always know what I'm looking for, but I know what I'm responding to: the details. Those infinitesimal moments of time or most petite textures throughout my environment. The details can sometimes show us the most incredible breadth and vitality life has to offer, but we have to catch that glimpse before it slips away. These photographs are an appreciation for the forgotten details of our world and a commentary on the awareness we should all retain. I try not to think. I just try to see.

This collection works to transcend the boundaries of important and unimportant, typical and unique, to discover the most important characteristic of all: life. There is beauty and enlightenment within all of these images, whether it be the reminder of those who have reached that level of loving-kindness before us, the constant force of the ocean, the confusion we all feel and at times fear, or the physical boundaries that may be in our way. Within all of these reflections are the reminders of life, living, and the duality that comes with this journey. Transcendence of these boundaries and the lines we draw between entities is the way to experience life in its most essential form.