Accordion artist book. Very textured with some areas completely sanded through.
800x600        1024x768
paper, acrylic, gesso, transfers, thread, shellac
36 x 7 x 1/2 in
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Worn edges surround your impressions that affirm my delicate touch.
Memory, absence, loss, and miscommunication: my work examines isolated moments and the failed attempts to reconstruct, alter, or preserve them; I explore the secrets and struggles lying behind objects, moments, and words.

Distance and barriers cultivate forced relationships. For fear of losing sight of our memories, we attempt to solidify them through obsessive forms of repetitious re-creation. After my brotherís incarceration nearly three years ago, he and I have been left with only letter-writing as a means of communication.

I want ink and thoughts to unite us in spite of our separation. The more I devote to securing our relationship, the more it is distorted. The reality is an immense distance and a definite disconnect. Remembering is not enough.