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Lithographic Pencil
38 x 29
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Nostalgia, obsession and sentimentality.
I am a curator and a gatherer. My drawings begin as collections: found objects, keepsakes, sentimental photographs and dream fragments.
I build flattened, unmoving stages, where something, sometime happened, but has come to a grinding, indefinite halt. Everything is tack sharp, because it has to be. This is how I remember it happening, before it faded.
The dominant figure has always been me, even if it doesn't look anything like me.
The drawings of my memory (or the drawings of my dreams), are lucid at the focal point and disintegrate into the surface of the paper. The drawings are about ambiguity, expectancy, and a mystery that you can only hope to imagine.
Or forget.
Like a dream dissipating upon awakening.