A bit of what the world might look like if the oceans rise and then recede.

Many fear that our future has already been determined by climactic changes cause by our own hand. Is this your fear? Is it personal?...or are you afraid for the future of mankind?
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When the Oceans Receded
Digital Photo Paper
30 x 20 in
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At the edge has two meaning for me in these photos.

First, although I do some "nature photography" it usually involves getting intimate with flowers and not much more. I'm on holiday in the Outer Banks of North Carolina in the USA and on these islands in the Atlantic Ocean is an environment totally alien to my normal art photography of urban exploration. So this is "on the edge" for me as it's totally unfamiliar subject matter.

Secondly, many of the photos are from that boundary between sea and land where the local residents have moved for the last 400 years in a life and death dance with an area known as the "Graveyard of the Atlantic". It's an amazing place.