Postcard from Dystopia: Signal Hill. © Kate MacDonald, All Rights Reserved.
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Signal Hill
mixed media collage
7 x 5.25
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A realist painter living in the lotusland of Vancouver, BC, the opportunity to create a series of dystopian postcards was undeniably appealing to me.

Limited by the size of actual postcards, necessity dictated a different approach from my usual methods and I combined my long held appreciation of collage with my skill as a graphic artist to create these mixed media digital collages. The images used throughout are compiled almost entirely from my own original source material and feature locations throughout Greater Vancouver; Postcard from Dystopia: Eagle Crossing, features images of Alexander Calder’s stabile, Eagle, photographed on a visit to Seattle’s Olympic Sculpture Park. Each print is inkjet printed on archivally-ground photographic paper, before being UV fixed and retouched by hand with oil paint and acrylic mediums.

The vaguely sinister landscape captured within the easy sincerity of a postcard creates a compelling contrast and forebodes a menacing future for those unlucky enough to receive one in the mail.