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Holding a Place for Myth
Archival Ink on Paper
43" x 56" in
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I burn bridges: I paint over old paintings. I cruise the Internet searching for information like an addict looking for his next fix. I scavenge through junk mail. I am haunted by the future, by false memories, by the truth in its bent state. I agitate for truth and falsehood all within the same work. I am irreverent. I am searching for questions.

My work is dense. I use the computer to research, process and consolidate information, to create impossible geometries, to scramble and recontextualize information. I combine digital prints, painting and drawing, building layer upon layer of texture and meaning, incorporating computer algorithms, Googled imagery, seemingly discordant painting styles, and anything else that intrudes into my consciousness.

I am interested in the interaction of thought and the movements of the collective unconscious. My work reflects the place where the irrational and rational merge. Inspired by a multitude of interests and obsessions including: psychic energy, nanotechnology, science fiction, the future, the movements of financial markets, scientific process, remote viewing, quantum physics, mythology, ESP, cellular biology, Jung, genetic memory, the dream world, the unknown and the unknowable.