By Michael Clark & Stephen Shellenberger
Installed At The Ghostly Heart Atelier
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Fear Room
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Fear Room
Stephen Shellenberger
Michael Clark

The time your mom let go of your hand when you were frightened by Santa Claus, but your brother sat on his lap smiling.The time your seventh grade girlfriend told you she was breaking up with you because your ears were funny. The time during sex with your dream girl you couldn't perform because you liked her too much. The time love didn't work so you gave into vengeful thinking and burned the clothes she left behind. The time that your best friend called you crazy for questioning the 911 hoax and still won't talk to you because HIS fear got in the way. The time you went to bed afraid and woke up relieved that your heart didn't stop and that this world, this glorious fucking planet is all we have at the moment, and to worry, fret and fear our way through this journey is truly a waste of time. This time...

It's about what you tune into, there's plenty of fear laying around that we can pick up along the way, or you can leave it where it's found and travel light. The funny thing is, as soon as you ignore it, fear goes away. Face that bully then use the rest of your days to enjoy love and beauty instead.