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Long Hair Short Skirt
Tracing Paper, Acrylic, Twine
5 x 12 x .083 ft
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We are living in a time in which things are changing, moving, morphing, updating, and transitioning constantly. We are in an age of uncertainty that is intimidating and anxiety provoking. I try to respond and combat this notion of ambiguity with the surfaces I create.

I roll out large sheets of paper onto the floor, building up layers and layers of paper, paint, charcoal, and other materials. While it dries, I stare at this new surface, listening while it crinkles, bends and stiffens, and I watch it transform into a fabric of my own. I make the work large so that I am wrapped up in its own vigor. Eventually I have created a new stained object, the stains being an imprint of a moment, a time, and energy.

When I remove a piece from the floor and exhibit it on the wall an environment is created. The work transforms a moment into a place. These places respond to the fluidity of contemporary life by having an apparent sense of weight and solidity, but are actually very light and fragile. My work is the result of my urgent desire to fill my own sense of instability, a life-long task that might never be satisfied.