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My Fort Is Blue Like My Brain
Astro turf, house paint, spray paint and gesso on canvas
30'' x 40'' in
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I am an artist struggling to understand a mental process and mentality that simultaneously excite and terrify me. Because our minds are starved for the adrenaline we use to get from basic survival, we we seek to replace the “fight or flight” response in our nervous system with alternative sources. Internally, I create drastic “worst case scenarios” from extremely pedestrian stimulus like walking down staircases, turning corners of buildings, and hearing noise at night. Physically, I create spaces of anxiety, tension and anger, though where there is death and destruction there is also lightness, and in my work the two cannot be separated. As humor is a psychological product of sadness, I balance and test the sinister with color, wit, and hilarity, sometimes for fun, and sometimes for necessity.

My studio process follows my mental process; I begin with a stimulus by either finding or creating surfaces to react to, either given a specific feeling or idea I’m interested in exploring or exposing a viewer to, or not. Pieces range in surface from made collograph prints to pages from phone books to discarded doors and cardboard boxes, and in size from playing cards to 9’ mixed media floor/wall pieces. Being an internet age kid, I find myself working on between five and ten pieces at a time, using paint straight out of the tube, and compulsively repeating sentences and imagery borne from music, the news, and advertising. I exhibit my work in the same clusters in which they were created, and produce spaces that cause viewers to become uneasy or unsure of themselves.

As an artist, I’m interested in the links that bind creativity and anxiety, in engaging the public in a dialogue about seemingly psychotic thoughts that I believe we all experience and in inciting feelings of stress and paranoia within viewers. I believe strongly that my voice is one that speaks for my generation of American youth; experiencing and being affected by a “throw-away culture”, by Excess and by obsession with fear.