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Digital Pigment Print
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I am an experimental fine art photographer based in the New York City area. With an inquisitive nature, I probe the boundaries of photography by asking a simple question: "What if…?" In my most recent series, which I call Photogenic Alchemy, I transform the medium of film through an alternative chemical treatment. Becoming bored with the hyper-cleanliness of modern digital photography, I scoured the annals of photography for inspiration. One day, a colleague suggested that I microwave my film. Destroying film to create something new fascinated me. I took the idea and ran with it with a scientific approach. For in the end, a photograph is nothing more than a chemical reaction. I keep records of the time in which the chemical process happens and the effects. The whole process has become an exercise in controlled chaos.
I use a variety of commonplace non-photo related catalysts that create images as tortured as the film itself. It is an ongoing study of what this method does to silver salts and celluloid that has yielded captivating results and many answers to the question: "What if…?"