A bit of what the world might look like if the oceans rise and then recede.

Many fear that our future has already been determined by climactic changes cause by our own hand. Is this your fear? Is it personal?...or are you afraid for the future of mankind?
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When the Oceans Receded
Digital Photo Paper
30 x 20 in
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Fear is a funny thing: in theory it ties primarily to survival; but in our minds many things seem to be about survival including our egos.

It would appear that so many of our fears are more psychological than "real". Existential anxiety is about more than life of the body, it's about the life of the soul.

I hope some of these photos make that point: that fear is not just about the survival of the body, but the survival of our id/ego as we see ourselves to be -- as well as being about some of our more primitive anxieties.