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The simplicity of my work derives from the idea of perfection and the constant effort one makes to become perfect. Though this is a rather inconceivable task, the idea of attempting to obtain perfection through different mediums has been a key element in my work. As a woman, I am bombarded with this every day due to society's idea of beauty.

This obsession has taken it's own tole in my battle with disordered eating and the fear to be overweight. It has become a beast of its own, attacking every part of my life and constantly haunting my mind. Each photo in GRACE represents a specific food placed somewhere on my own body. As I spread the food on my body, it reminded me not only of the beauty of the body itself, but the wonderful gift food is to us as well (not to mention, how beautiful it can be itself!). My hope is for other women to be reminded of this themselves and not live by the worldly standards of beauty and perfection. Although this is still a struggle I am dealing with myself, the visual expressions in GRACE hint at the promise of overcoming.