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For me, creating art has been an evolutionary process spanning decades of work in metal, paint, and glass. My glasswork applies the skills developed working in paint and metal with the time-honored traditions of great glassmakers.

Light is an essential element of my art, from conception to completion. My kilns, welders, saws, grinders, and polishers are all solar powered, thus natural light plays an integral role in both the production process and as the raw material in my finished works of art.

I view light as a sculptural medium, and glass as an instrument to manipulate and translate light. I use properties of refraction and reflection to create visions that attract the eye and stimulate the senses.

My experience working in the farms and factories of my youth informs my artistic vision. Influenced by the simplicity of minimalist aesthetics and the geometric forms of early modernism my work conveys the sensual properties of glass and bronze.