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Chromophilia Project No 1
found ceramic object, glaze
8 x 12 x 6 in
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Inkyo Back /
works on paper

¡°One color carries its own meaning. Two colors create a harmony. Three colors create a different one.¡±

Artwork is revealed through ¡®expression¡¯, and at this time the principal agent of the expression is the artist. Eugene Veron (1825~1889) says that the artwork is only beautiful when it strongly expresses the individuality of the artist. His consistent personality emphasizes above all the ¡®self-expression¡¯ of artist in the artwork. We cannot confine ¡°Art¡± only as self-expression, but also cannot deny the fact that clearly the art is self-expression. An artist pulls out something from the inner self in the process of creating work and it is expressed through visual means. An artist uses artistic motives having deep relationships with the reality one belongs to, and does not always reveal the outer cover of emotions one contains. Emotions such as momentary pleasure, depression and rage can be suppressed and implied through the exploration and experience of a personal reality.
I would like to use the idea of repetition of colorful lines that show rhythm and movement in an entire work, as it spreads out toward an envisioned infinite space. The viewer¡¯s eyes are not captured on a certain part of the work, but they follow their creative and subjective rhythms so they can imagine the space in their mind. Through the display of my work, I want to create an emotional response that could be surprise or shock, creating a ¡®wow¡¯ or overwhelming moment to the viewer. I envision my installation to be a controlled chaotic display of pattern, shape and color.