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Digital SLR
15 x 11 in
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"My Doll" focuses on the aspect of a child caring for a younger child which examines the relationship the two form amongst themselves. Although they have grown apart the two play the same rolls now that they have in their past. Here is a window into the past with the added chill of possession turning into a dependent relationship.
Letting go of the aspect of control I was able to come to a place that I have forgotten about so long ago. At a young age I took care of my siblings but never realized that I saw them more as possessions rather than my siblings. Looking back, the thought of having had so much responsibility at a young age brings both a frightening and a saddening feeling. Focusing on this feeling brought me back to a place where I am in charge and my sister is obedient. The music accompanies the images as they turn from one to another to emphasize my memories. She will always be my little sister. Forever a doll, forever a part of me.