Original print in Fine Art paper sign by the artist
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The Bartender #1
60 x 40 cm
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Through my images I try to represent a different way of seeing and perceiving the world invoking the discontinuous and the rupture as symbols of our century. While highlighting my photos with radical distortions in multiple layers I seek not only to represent the real, but also to extend the idea of fragmentation to the “reality” suggesting an experience of unfolding the time.
Having as a reference the cinematic editing techniques of Sergei Eisenstein and Walter Ruttmann, the multi-layered exhibitions spaces done by El Lissitsky and the images produced by Edward Steichen and Man Ray I use the digital technology present in our days to question the originality of digital photography. Imaging my photos as canvas and having the multiple exposure as my main technique I produce my final images all in the digital camera without the use of Photoshop.
Klaus Honnef, in his essay Symbolic Form as a Vivid Cognitive Principle: An Essay on Montage, states “This new space is a mixture of geometry and symbolic representation, where technological knowledge is the tool of individual and collectives beliefs”( Honnef 1992:53), he states that to define the use of Montage in Arts, and I see that connect to my artwork in a way that I try to express an old world shattered and a new technological and overload with information and images world, still in construction.