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In this body of artwork have focused my vast obsessions on what I call constricted eyeshot. The foundation of my process is traveling throughout nature. As I search, I focus my attention on the small and intricate designs on nature’s floor rather than the grand view of nature. My latest obsession is with finding obscure patterns and designs within the wood grain of unnoticed tree stumps and other wooden structures. Every time I find a new image I feel as though I have stumbled upon another universe that I could look through into infinity. Perhaps I enjoy the pursuit and collecting of these unnoticed images more than making the artwork. There is much gratification in the childlike ability to observe nature again with wonder and an inquisitive mind.

From the midst of old, weathered posts of wood with their grayed grain and alarming orange knots I see images surface. The different images I observe in the wood grain, then recreate, resemble everything from faces and animals to capricious and complex systems. I revel in the repetition of graphic lines in the wood grain. The grain is contained within the tree or plank of wood on a pier, yet it still travels arbitrarily. Intrusive and obstructive knots cause irregularities in the repetition and create the unusual images that intrigue me. I choose fragments of these atypical images to create drawings and sculptures. My images appear to be abstract, nonobjective, or make-believe. However the works are realistic depictions of what I find in nature.