A spectacular cantilevered table. Rarely done !
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Ash & Walnut Vaneer & Solid wood
60 x 16 x 36 in
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My clients goal for this project was to receive a multi-diagonal, different colored, eye catching, functional, cantilevered coffee table.

"Anything can be made!" has always been my philosophy. Our technology has not surpassed our artistic freedoms.

I discovered the coffee table: an solid edged, veneered, diagonal table, joined and held with brass rods and balanced on a walnut frame put me at my limit.

The wonderment when the piece came together and I could breathe and smile. Wow, it really does work ! Thrilling !
Memories, and photos. I'm glad I made a second.

Oh, yes, the client loves the piece !

To your own wonderment !

Philip Bird