There was a bright light that lasted but a moment, followed by a lingering darkness.

(Title inspired by the Norman Spinrad story of the same name).
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Psychotic Break with Mirror and Flora Print
Metallic Photo Paper
20 x 25 in
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Unlike most of my work in the "At the Edge" exhibition, I'm back to my main subject matter of abandoned places -- but with a twist this time.

I went to visit the abandoned Letchworth Village Institute for the Feeble Minded and Epileptic -- a place created in a time of different "political correctness". There are photographers who like to specialize in capturing these monuments to the management of madness; but this is my first one.

These places have a definite feel to them, especially for one such as myself who has wrestled with mental illness -- and I fought hard to not identify with the place. I hope these photos convey some of the atmosphere of a place like this while picking up little clues about the people who worked and were forced to live there.