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Trevi Fountain
12 in. x 18 in
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Water is an always moving, never-ending subject. I enjoy the challenge of trying to capture the movement within the water and recreate the water’s motion in the print. Water is essential to life and affects many places and all aspects of life. To me, water’s tranquil nature has always been therapeutic. I have noticed, even when watching the unleashed force of crashing waves, and listening to the roar of untamed power from behind closed eyes, there is serenity and calm. Conversely, that water can just as easily destroy property and lives with its power.
Water is quixotic, its movements are often unpredictable and capricious. Its form creates negative and organic shapes that change form from moment to moment leaving one to wonder what might appear next. Not knowing what is going to happen is a mirror to life in several ways. The view of a tranquil lake or river on a comfortable summer day when all seems right with the world can be quickly transformed into a roiling tempest of wind driven waves and foaming surf with the advent of one of summer’s erratic storms. This too mirrors aspects of life when natural disasters, violence or illness shatters life’s day to day rhythms. Water is remarkable because it is life-giving and life-sustaining, essential in everyday life, but it can be equally destructive and harmful to the people and land that depend on it.
The holiness of water is another aspect that is very interesting. Many stories and figures in the Bible are closely associated with water. From Noah’s flood days, to Moses’ parting of the Red Sea, to Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan, water has been a recurring subject in art and history.
Water has been revered from earliest times and often given supernatural qualities that show the evidence of mystical powers. It is water that shows God’s power to rid the earth of evil when Noah is instructed to build the ark. It is the Red Sea that obeys Moses’ command as the Almighty’s temporal arm to preserve the Hebrews, and later to show unearthly power when it crashes down on the pursuing Egyptian forces. The inherent symbolism of water in these and subsequent stories shows the importance of water to many of the earliest civilizations. These stories explain the meaning through the symbolism.