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Lucy in the sky
oil on canvas
5 x 5 x 2in ft
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i explore many things in my artwork.

i play with scale in an orderly manner. i like to examine my photographed images, sometimes enlarging them far beyond their size and sometimes altering them, sometimes collaging them in Photoshop.

i am exploring all over art and the line between representational art and abstraction.
i love paint
i love texture
i love light

currently i am painting the same image a number of times to see how they change through familiarity. brushstrokes and texture begin to abstract them further.

when was the moment the art was made.
was it when i conceived of it?
was it when i photographed it?
or when it was painted for the first time?

as i answer my questions i seem to continually create new ones.

one thing is certain. i have a passion for painting.