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Monsieur Lupin
Plaster, glass, wood, brass
23 x 24 x 10 in
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The commonsense definition of "emptiness" indicates the “lack of” something. In my work, I approach emptiness as a path to existential freedom — a process that removes the deceptive and limiting cultural values taught from birth to allow individuals to face their true selves.

Society tends to reduce the definition of happiness to a set of external elements such as possessions, marriage and career. Most individuals adhere to this template of the “ideal” life, and, by doing so, overlook their own and unique identity. They ignore any metaphysical questioning and hope to fill their existential void by adding more of the missing external elements to their life.
The exploration and acceptance of the individual’s identity is a constant in my art.

My body of work is a reflection of my personal journey to explore my identity. I intentionally removed any subjective references to focus on the path followed and not the results achieved. Each piece is like an unfinished metaphor, a white canvas that invites a viewer’s personal interpretation and creates a multi-dimensional dialogue between the viewer and the piece, the viewer and the external world but, most importantly, between the viewer and his own conscious.