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The Happiness Project
Inkjet Print
16" x 16"
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If Walls Could Talk

I am interested in the ideas of family and the ties that bind us together. Family is ever evolving and transforming. Throughout life there are moments of transformation within families that can either bring members closer together or rip a family apart. However, these moments in life are fleeting, here today and gone tomorrow. These phases come and go. In my family, objects of sentimentality have always been important. We treasure our possessions and pass down objects of significance through the family when loved ones are lost. We see these objects as metaphors for the memories we have shared together. It is a way to hold on to the past into the future.
Through this body of work, I have allowed objects to act as metaphors for time, memory, relationships, the fear of the unknown and the importance of family ties. I photograph in personal, familiar spaces. While working in these spaces, I use my own experiences as a basis for my ideas. I think about times of transition, where there are moments of reflection to think about memories we have shared in times past. Transition can be difficult, but at the other end of the spectrum it can be exciting. Babies are born. Families are extended or loved ones are lost. We find or lose true love. This cycle is a reminder of what was and what will be in the future. Times of transition are about both reliving moments of the past and finding a pathway into the future. I use windows and doors as being representative of this transitional phase. The light patterns and shadows are also a metaphor for the ephemeral. I want to create photographs that evoke a universal memory through quiet moments that provide an opportunity to tell a story.