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acrylic on wood
6 x 6 x 1 in
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I would like to talk about people and relationship. There are so many different emotions inside of us.
They are mixed in complicated ways. Reading every part of this huge mass would be the root of my work.
This emotional collision causes other emotional collisions. These emotional residues exist inside of us.
It will never end and will never be organized.
In my work, I hope to look up people¡¯s emotions carefully and narrate it in my own way. I use oil, acrylic,
oil pastel and color penceil. I put many layers with different colors. Every one of these colors shows its
own characters. It represents people¡¯s different characters at the same time. When these colors are mixed,
it makes the most beautiful harmony and chaos. Every brush stroke and every color will be one big flow
of emotions on my canvas.