In this painting, the artist depicts a scene of torture of a female Falun Dafa Practitioner, who fully manifests her compassion and endurance by looking into the invisible dimension of extreme glory of high spiritual realms, totally unmoved by the inhuman brutality. On the other hand, the ugly evil image of the human form of the persecutor, is a target of the arrow aiming towards him by the little angels.

In actuality, , according to statistics, over three thousand of Falun Dafa practitioners have died from torture in mainland China since July 20, 1999, when the persecution first started. Ironically, the police officers who conducted the torture and died from car accidents or cancer numbered over eight thousand. These pitiful lives, because of their pursuit for fame and profit, participated in the persecution, and then sadly become the subjects of heavenly punishment, with a miserable and sorrowful end.

The artist apparently is trying to use this painting to bring an ancient morale to her audience: Good is rewarded while evil is punished. Humanity shall live with righteousness and human conscience shall be sustained.
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Oil On Canvas�¯�¼ï¿½
40inch x 30inch
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