Something about this long columned space makes me think of a castle, though it is anything but regal.

At the end is a blackness with a bright light adjacent. Is the "light at the end of the tunnel" just marking the beginning of a descent into darkness? Do you see your future this way sometimes?...

Part of the old research lab in a 100 year old viscose (Rayon) manufacturing plant -- the first every built in the United States. Straight up single exposure and not HDR.
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The Castle Hall
Metallic photo paper
24 x 20 in
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When you can't live entirely for (or by) your art you sometimes find yourself in place where you've have little time to create new work.

So, my submissions here are some things I have "in the archives" which I've not submitted to any successful juries here. Also, a few shots from my commercial work that I particularly like.

I hope to return from the UK in late October with some new work and thanks for taking the time to see what I have.