Artist thoughts: As a Single Mom I felt I'm always tied-up with what all the things I should do and as faith is an irony to most of us. What should I do stop me from doing what I want to do. This is what I'm thinking when I'm sculpturing both hand cross tied up together.
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Metamorphosis Collection (II) - Revelation . "Tied-Up"
Paper-mache + Acrylic Paste + Acrylic Paint
80 x 120 x 6 cm
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It is a tribute to the power of words, that as a visual artist I have to use text to communicate a message to my viewers.
I have no fear of words but my first love is to express myself, my imagination and the world around me through visualization.
My scope as an artist goes beyond paint. I am a mixed media artist and in my current stage of experience I sculpt on canvas.
I am fascinated by human nature and the human soul. I visualize and try to capture the inner world and emotions of human experience to share with those who care to join me in the adventure.
My design training and my experiences in an industrial work environment serve as a platform for my creativity and give me a unique personal perspective that I cherish. I want to go beyond the boundaries of a particular form of art. I am pursuing expression across many forms of art and want to be ¡°as universal as the light.¡± Perhaps I will grow to other goals and change, which I will not fear and shall even welcome. For now, take me as I am.