My previous work was a series of family portraits that heighten the emotional interplay of figures within a space. My source materials for this series were family photographs from the 1970s and 1980s from which I conveyed the emotional undertones inherent in these images into my painting. Through the elimination of certain areas using gesso, I used this subtractive technique to delineate negative space in a way that allows the figures in my paintings to breathe and radiate within their space. I hope to heighten the viewerís emotional experience by placing my figures in an enigmatic space. I was interested in how capturing atmosphere making everyday scenes seem emotionally charged. I was playing with various painting techniques and mood to draw the viewer into an experience. I am interested in creating a dialogue between the characters, creating a tense atmosphere for the viewer. Using expression and gaze, I wanted to communicate a sense of unease and discontent. This series also featured energetic atmosphere surrounding the characters, which created a glowing aura around the central figures. This dreamlike fog establishes the sense of nostalgia and memory. Within this body of work, I am hoping to capture a candid snapshot of a moment with an undertone of disharmony.
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Oil on Canvas
24 x 36 in
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