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Oil on Canvas
36” x 24" x 1.5" in
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My inspiration comes from my personal interest in the early 20th century, as well as working and living in the Canadian countryside. The paintings I am currently working have been pieced together using my own photographs and objects, selectively found in the local landscape – when they are presented together, they give the impression that they are all connected scenes in a coherent place.

As a representational artist, I choose rural imagery because it embodies the simplicity and freedom that I feel are important in the creation of art. I paint very quickly, which allows me to follow swift creative decisions. This speed becomes embedded into the paintings – the ‘artist’s hand’ is carefree yet forceful. Generous application of paint creates a texture and an interesting tension between the surface of the picture plane and the illusion of space in the painting.
My paintings explore the depth of physical paint on a surface, as well as the perceived depth of space in a painting. The use of both flat and rounded space helps break any realistic illusion in the painted scenes. The further I deviate from photographic realism, the more attention is drawn to the possibilities of paint as a medium. While the object-matter alludes that the scenes are real spaces, the expressive painting technique insinuates that the paintings are creative inventions.