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Thais, Courtesan of Alexander the Great
bronze, polyester base
6 x 27 x 6 cm
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Anatoli Monov

Through my sculptures, I try to say something truthful and honest about myself, the world around me, and the experience of being human. Often the inspiration comes spontaneously, but my reading, common expressions, music, or things that I hear influence what I am trying to communicate. My works can have many moods: serious, reflective, grotesque, among others. In my small works, I try to create a magical, fairy-tale-like, comic mood. Usually my works have multiple, layered messages. Because I am continually experimenting with a range of materials and sizes, my sculptures can appear quite different. As I work with the materials from which my sculptures are madeómetal, wood, stone, clay, wax and plasterótheir coldness, pliability, sharpness and other qualities help me discover what exactly I want to say and shape the final form.

Anatoli Monov is an artist and sculptor born in Oryahovo, Bulgaria, now living in New York City.