First of my organic installations series entitled "Damaged People"
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The Girl Next Door
Installation. Charcoal/Acrylic on canvas + wallnut branches
125 x 189 x 85 cm
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My name is Andreea Anghel, I am currently 21 and as of October 2009 I am studying for my Bachelor's Degree in Graphics at UAD Cluj-Napoca, Romania / ASP Wroclaw, Poland.

I'm a visual artist who manipulates photos, paints and draws on various surfaces with all kinds of materials. Recently I've started creating installations as well.

Notable exhibitions:
Damned II & III, Detroit, USA (2009 and 2010) - group exhibition
Damaged People - Cluj-Napoca, Romania (2011) - Solo Exhibition
Human Being (The places of presence) - Venice, Italy (2011) - Group exhibition
Crucifiction of Modern Man - Cluj-Napoca, Romania (2011) - Solo exhibition

nEgoist’s “Obscene seduction” art book (2010, Poland)
George Canon’s “175 photographers” contemporary art book (2010)
Datacolor’s “Colors of my life” art book (2009)

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