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Southern Utah
22" x 30" in
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"The artist makes things concrete and gives them individuality"- Paul Cezanne. I express and define myself through my artwork. My personal tastes, ideas, values, beliefs, and desires are revealed and may therefore become shared via the viewer! The things I value are diverse. Yet connection is everything: physical connection with the earth, connection with our carnal being, our spiritual desires, connection to others. Adventure, discovery, and to live this fascinating life is my desire. There are puzzles, hidden meaning, and endless possibilities to be explored. What better way to achieve these objectives than through art? My intuition guides me as well as the connection with my senses, and connection with others. My artwork expresses the universal truths that this world is our playground. What connects us, we share a world, but this world it is interpreted differently within us all.

The reason I create art is to communicate something of significance; for example, to record an event in time, to express an emotion, or show what I perceive as beautiful. I enjoy both the process and the final piece. Nature is a major inspiration to me: animals, insects, and twisted old trees. My natural surroundings have always fascinated me more than the man-made objects. I enjoy fine details, small objects, or things that could easily be over looked. The ideal presentation would be larger than life or ordinary to extraordinary. This would hopefully say to the viewer, stop and not only smell the roses but appreciate the intricate beauty, smell, texture, and color of your everyday surroundings. -Amanda Bronson