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Stay Down Daryl
Wax Wood Cardboard
24 x 48 x 18 in
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My work explores the dark side of the human condition through the contradictions of apparent patriotic social values, an increasingly short public attention span and indifference to war, wealth inequality and a government controlled by global corporate and religious interest. I choose to contrast the ramifications of this indifference against cute unassuming playful lunatics to exemplify the power struggle within the dichotomy that exist between “the people” and those that wish to enslave them. The toy heads grinning with passion are meant to represent both the commodification of the “have not’s” and the child-like attention span that points to our apathetic approach toward Social misfortune in an era of overstimulation. The combination of candied colors, and sweet doe eyed faces amongst sorrow and devastation creates a certain ambivalence- both the absurdly cute and grotesque appear at the same moment. This queer amalgamation symbolizes our societies propensity to support immoral governance and remain unconscious to the power that we hold together due to a non-coincidental endless supply of artificial distractions. I like to think of my self as a surveyor attempting to visually manifest the human folly and destruction that I see. Through this imagery I hope to generate a dialogue, inject consciousness, and pose questions, while challenging viewers to reconsider their personal responsibility and relationship to the world community.