Photographic print of my artisan jewelry with hats.
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Photographic print. Limited edition
90 x 130 cm
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My art translates into rites of passages, transformation/initiation, death/birth. Through every image flows a pattern. These are photographic prints, an assemblage of my artisan jewelry and sculptures.
From every pattern vegetal, floral, organic, emits a story. A geometric memory that weaves threads of universal connectivity, empowered by the uniting of opposites and the diversity in nature.
An objective has been to relate to change, but also to understand that which transcends, that which is not affected by change, but remains constant.
Inspiration: I've found great inspiration in the handicraft tradition inherited through my Transylvanian heritage. Through the hands of my grandmothers, women with no particular schooling, a collective coding system has come forth, consisting of intricate symbols and universal patterns.