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The Mechanic
Ceramic, oils, found objects
38 x 30 x 18 in
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My art expresses my love and passion for both painting and ceramics. I enjoy recreating my ideas in both media, and often use my ceramic sculptures as 3D canvases, painting them with oils rather than fired-on glazes for a rich finish where brushwork remains visible, and incorporating found objects to tie the pieces to my viewers' experiences and memories.

When developing ideas for my work, I am inspired by both narrative and humor. They take form as odd-looking characters and creatures, legendary family members, or Southern cultural icons. Highly influenced by movies as a child, I was always fascinated by character actors, especially if they were strange looking. As a ceramist/painter I have recreated several of my favorites. My clay piece Frogman-About-Town takes the perennial character actor Peter Lorre as a starting place but extends beyond simple caricature. “Frogman” plays with the concept of the “Uncanny Valley” of Japanese robotics professor Masahiro Mori. Some viewers are attracted by the work and some are repulsed.

We all have personal narratives; stories about ourselves, our families, and friends that inspire and influence us. I used my own stories to create a series of mixed media figures -- busts that are reminiscent of Catholic reliquaries used to house relics of beloved saints. These busts represent individuals, both living and dead, who have made a huge impact on my life. Each contains a reliquary chamber representing that which is close to their heart and containing objects that remind me of them.

View these icons of memory and feeling and come away not with my stories but with your own.