A huge mouth with a protruding lower jaw make tarpon perfectly suited to attack prey from below, and their large eyes set high and close together allow them to do so even in the dark. Here you see a group of tarpon congregating in a channel to feed on crabs and shrimp pushed by the tide during a full moon.
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Full Moon Platoon
rep acrylic on canvas
30-inch x 23-inch x 1.5-inch in
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My love for the water and my passion for the sport of angling lead me to focus my art on gamefish and coastal scenes.

I've been fortunate enough to travel extensively in pursuit of many species with a fishing rod and a camera, and over the past 3 decades I've been privy to countless encounters with a wide variety of saltwater and freshwater game.

Through my art I relive those encounters, and I try to convey the beauty and excitement of each special moment and every vivid image forever etched in my brain. Hopefully I've done so well enough for you to find your own connection with some of my pieces.

Alex Suescun