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oil on canvas
24 x 36 x 1.5 in
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Everyday, we are inundated with tales of the failing economy, the occupy movements, riots, police brutality, greedy politicians, — the list goes on. All of these elicit individual emotional response: fear, uncertainty, anger, helplessness, and even satisfaction, indifference, or hope. Human emotions are abstract ideas. Everyone feels things differently, and as such each experience or emotion can be difficult to read. It can often be challenging to understand even one’s own state of mind. My work is evocative of my emotional climate as I strive to decipher my own reaction to this constant world of chaos and interaction of humankind.
By allowing myself to truly feel my emotions, and not desensitize myself to them, I am able to intuitively lay marks onto a surface. I then choose specific colors (or even the lack of it) to portray my response to the chaos we’re constantly surrounded by. I use expressive lines, visual texture, splatters, drips, and stains to let deeper meaning evolve out of the simple shapes within my work.