Photographic prints.
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Photographic print.Limited Edition
80 x 99 cm
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Ioana Armiano

My art translates into rites of passages. Through every image flows a pattern.These are photographic memories, prints of artisan jewellery and sculptures.
Inspiration An objective has been to relate to change and also to understand that which transcends, that which is not affected by change and remains constant. I've found great inspiration in the handicraft tradition inherited through my grand mothers from Transylvania. Through the hands of these women with no particular schooling a collective coding system has come forth, consisting of intricate symbols and universal patterns.

"Underneath the threshold" represents Christ ability to use a situation of chaos, turmoil and darkness as raw material for transformation. The point is that we ascend with him by going inward. It is a metaphor of returning to the source, alpha and omega, earth, body the natural world. When circumstances from the outer world overwhelms, there is this opportunity to look inward to an inner world where we find new fresh branches to grow out. We are leaving the fixation of the collective mask by going to the body’s dynamic source. Our perception of the world is being transformed.