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acrylic on canvas
40 x 30 x 1.5 in
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Artist Statement - Brandy Saturley - IncarNATIONS

I have spent the past few years traveling from the rocky mountains of Canada to the cityscapes of New York city. In 2010 my work was on a path of convergence with my obsession for painting and drawing, meeting my renewed interest in photography through travel.

In 2011 I travelled to Maui, Hawaii for an intensive residency where my interest was to re-connect with nature. Through my experience in exploring the birthplace of an Island, what resulted was the development of a new and deeper connection with the Earth. My fascination with the natural world versus our place in the world and our connection to nature has come into focus. Out of this experience a new body of work was born, which I titled 'IncarNATIONS', in which I continue to examine the themes of inception, creation and evolution.

Incarnation has many definitions, there are the religious definitions but for me the definition I see reflected in this series is, the act of manifesting or state of being manifested in bodily form or one who is believed to personify a given abstract quality or idea.

What makes this body of work 'innovative' is how I applied and worked the medium of acrylic paint on the canvas.

Each painting begins with a full under painting of an abstract landscape which incorporates ridges of texture. Once this layer was complete I applied a thick, plastic fluid acrylic in gloss black over certain areas to reveal abstract outlines of shapes. Once dry I then began to etch away the black revealing the colors beneath, much like the petroglyhps created by the early Hawaiian people, revealing stories of the people and the place. The etched portions are primitive in their shape and detail, with sharp edges and uncontrolled widths of line. I then began to detail out the pictures that had been revealed by some of the lines by painting colored acrylic over top of certain areas of the black paint, creating chalky detail and definition. What has resulted from my experiments with paint and texture are rather primitive drawings incorporated with more detailed paintings creating dreamlike, fantasy or almost futuristic landscapes.

This is a brand new body of work created in the first months of 2012, as such it does not appear on my website and is still in development with much more to explore.