12x16 Framed
Copyright Richard Fought 2012
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Cap Hill
12 x 8 in
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I'm a self-taught photographer who has been obsessed with street photography the last two+ years. I enjoy capturing and exposing touching, thought-provoking moments of simple reality that we experience and are surrounded by every day, but don't typically register as they often get lost in the background noise of existence. These images have the power to remind us of our own humanity - joy, frailty, exuberance, reflection; the entire myriad of qualities that we all share.

Shooting street naturally aligns with many of my own traits - a persistent wanderlust; fascination with the sheer variety found in urban environments; a predilection to quiet observation and the desire to create. This craving for variety and new experiences also manifests itself in long road trips and the resulting landscape/rural/nature photographs, but street touches something deeper.

Each photograph represents a completely unique human moment in time. Often with street photography the subject of focus at the time is but one piece of a larger story that unfolds when viewing the image later. This endless variety and depth is what draws me to street.