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Form of Unity_Land of Ease_Nature Is Calling and Responding
Oil On Canvas
200 x 100 cm
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Ma Sing Ling is a collaborative working team comprised of three young promising artists in Taiwan: MANIHOO, Singway and Ling Ling. These young artists have developed quite tacit understanding with one another, X-Power Gallery thus brings them together to spark new light. Their first attempt to create as a trio is ˇ§Form of Unity,ˇ¨ a series featuring the beauty of grandeur, magnificence, and incredible coherence. One of their creations in this series has been selected into the 159th Autumn Exhibition organized by Royal West of England Academy, United Kingdom (2011).

While receiving recognitions from the international juried contests, Ma Sing Ling also attract great attention in Taiwan. During the Art Revolution Taipei, an international art fair held in March of 2012, for example, Taiwanˇ¦s famous collectors, Kenneth Lo, chairman of Industrial Bank of Taiwan, and Edward Chen, chairman of Jih Sun Group, have made collections of Ma Sing Lingˇ¦s artworks, which are now the museum-collected pieces of Art Museum of Industrial Bank of Taiwan and Art Museum of Jih Sun Group respectively.

In addition to winning favor from Taiwanˇ¦s art collectors, Ma Sing Ling are also chosen by ˇ§Is Art Foundationˇ¨ to be the focus artist that the Foundation will make every effort to promote and bring to the international fore. The scheduled expositions are as follows: in July, the exhibitions will be held simultaneously in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung; in September, they are in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beverly Hills of Los Angeles. The exhibitions will then take place in China and the United States in 2013 and Europe in 2014.

For Ma Sing Ling, to create the series of ˇ§Form of Unityˇ¨ is to challenge the free flow and fluidity of the paint and to control the self-evolving spirit out of the unpredictable character of the image produced. That is, to ˇ§interact with the constant-changing phenomena by abiding by the never-changing innate virtue, and to abide in the never-changing innate virtue while interacting with the constant-changing phenomena of the outer world.ˇ¨ It is a state of harmonious unity of mind and phenomena, and of mutual nourishment and advancement of imagination and realization.