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Penannular Ring Sphere
Graphite, Conte, Pigment on Paper
22 x 30 in
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My drawings explore five fundamental and evocative shapes: square, circle, sphere, triangle, and a distinctive penannular ring. Shapes appear in variations of darkness and light that emphasize the iconic nature of these shapes. Although each drawing is executed with a measure of precision, I have no program. The drawings form whole in my mind, each with its own power.

My artistic career began decades ago, but was interrupted by children and the career necessary to support them. My children grown, I have time now to continue building. I also make steel tables by hand, bending metal cold, without a forge, and welding it together. In a past life, I created an extensive body of figural photographs as well, abstracts and dark dreamlike tableaux.

My steel work is available at Photographs are at