One might ask: is this some sort of cnidarian predator? A bioengineered submersible? Or is this the pupal stage of a coral-like starship, bred to resist the near-absolute-zero temperatures of space--dead on the inside, perhaps flowering beautifully within! This piece was created by welding together pieces of steel to create a hollow core, then using the welding bead to create texture and build upon the shape of the core.
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Welded steel
10 x 4 x 4 in
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I've been fascinated with science fiction and modelmaking since an early age. Starting when I was about seven years old, I began to construct paper models of spaceships, aircraft, and technological items, though I also tried my hand at modeling animals and landscapes. As I grew older, my growing obsession with tiny detail informed my model-making and later on, my fine art and sculpture.

I began welding in college and steel quickly became my favorite medium; the sculptures I created were strong, weighty, and developed a patina of rust and slag. As my style developed I created an unusual technique of using the welding wire to build up material, creating rocky-looking or coral-like structures.

My love of speculative fiction, science fiction, and space opera have always led me to contemplate technology in my art, often with a biomechanical twist. Technologically modified animals or plants, living "grown" starships, and ecumenopoli (planet-wide cities) are ideas and themes I often find myself returning to.