Worshiped by inferiors who bow down in awe -- yet still the mighty also will fall...

Brand new work coming out of a trip to less populated parts of the barrier islands of North Carolina which lie in the Atlantic Ocean and are called "The Outer Banks"
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On a Pedestal
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All new work coming from my trip to the Atlantic Ocean barrier islands known as the "Outer Banks" off the coast of the state of North Carolina in the USA.

One of the amazing things about coastal environments, and this one in particular, is how fast the process of change occurs. Most "geological" change occurs over very long periods -- but the barrier islands in a place subject to frequent hurricanes and ferocious currents are at an uneasy balance with the ocean.

The ocean giveth, and the ocean taketh away... and year by year things are buried, then uncovered, then buried again. The shape of islands change and the best efforts of man do not prevail in the long run.