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48 x 48 in
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Melanie L. Rothman – Artist Statement
As a student majoring in Criminology and Criminal Justice, with a minor in Global Terrorism at the University of Maryland - this artwork was inspired by my time working within a branch of Homeland Security. My artwork explores the psychological basis driving contemporary terrorism, and the role that ideology plays within it.

Ideology is a double-edged sword; it is the driving force for the most compassionate acts, and the most despicable. The frightening ability of ideology to be used as a justification for any action is the cornerstone of modern day terrorism. With the consciousness held mute, any action is permissible.

“Revelations” explores this violent side of ideology. Its larger than life size, at 48x48 inches, portrays the visceral emotions that can consume a person, and drive them to commit terrorism. These emotions of anger, disgust, and hatred – reveal the intolerance that can be born from an extremist conviction in any social, political, or cultural belief.